Matthew Bennett


I am a data scientist working on time series forecasting (using R and Python 3) at the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust. I earned my PhD in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Glasgow working with fmri data and neural networks. I favour linux machines, and working in the terminal with Vim as my editor of choice.

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Building Numpy from scratch

I write a python package that can do linear algebra operations using python’s standard library.

Adding a statistics sub-package

I use methods in the linear algebra package to implement some basic statistical modelling concepts.

Creating a searchable database using web-scraping in Python 3

This automates something I found myself repeating: looking up which pairs of athletes competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Configuring FZF to search useful directories beyond the working directory

I customise the way Fzf works on my machine so I can find pretty much any file on my system using a fuzzy search.

Using FZF to select files for any program or command

I write a bash function to act as a wrapper to Fzf that allows a fuzzy search to locate files as arguments to any command.

Switch between light and dark mode in Vim and Tmux with one command

My workflow relies on Vim and Tmux. Here I add a command that causes synchronised colorscheme changes between them.